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Twitter’s Common Threads

November 10, 2008

Lisa Hoffmann (@LisaHoffmann) asked this question to her growing list of Twitter followers: “Why are you on Twitter?” The responses varied but all had two central themes: connecting with people and learning from people.

There are myriad other reasons to be on Twitter, but these Twitter benefits are the common threads that bind together those users who are the foundation of the userbase.

Yes, there are other “micro-blogging” services that compete with Twitter for attention and offer interesting features that Twitter doesn’t have. For now I don’t think there’s much reason to consider them as comparable platforms because of Twitter’s core of connected users.

Other services just don’t have the mass yet that grows connections exponentially in a significant manner. Without significant connections the opportunities to learn among users are more limited than they are on Twitter.

When you consider that micro-blogging already has significant barriers to entry above and beyond the limited and relatively unconnected userbases of competing services, Twitter stands alone in its space as the place for connecting and learning.

Why am I on Twitter? Because it’s the best place to be.

For now.

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  1. November 12, 2008 3:10 am

    The web has started to bemoan the “death of blogging”: while blogging as we know it currently may change, the trend will be towards more content and context as the tools and services available make it easier and cheaper to create and distribute than ever before.

    As the tools and our usage patterns change, the popular services will change: but don’t attach the behavior to the service.

    People will always want to create and share ideas with people. Always have, always will.


  1. Content is cheap, context is expensive: Is it any surprise which one we lack? | Unstructured Thoughts by Taylor Davidson

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