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Reverse Q&A with @ChrisBrogan

November 13, 2009

@ChrisBrogan at #socruiseWe seek components that better our experience: better meaning, better gifts, icons, making devices our own, seeking our own gratification. Seeking better environments and experiences. (Giving people a better thing to post on their FB status by giving them a better experience.)

Some of us seek to share and create in an autobiographical sense (writing about me and my experiences). We create when we make experiences for others.

Q1: What are the basic bare-bones components of yor business? What do you do and what value you create? The smallest words, the smallest sentences.

Q2: “How” do we share?

Q3: How do we extend relationships. Physical to virtual to physical. People to people. Dependent to Independent to Interdependent.

Q4: How do we collaborate? How do ALL of our media collaborate?

Q5: Are we addicted to our own comments?

Q6: How do we extend the network; how do we take the network with us? You live and die by your database. How do we touch people outside of the platoforn du jour?

Q6: How do we make new distribution? Read ‘Value-chain desegregation’ chapter from ‘The World Is Flat’ – Thomas Friedman. How do we extract more value from the distribution chain?

Q7: How do we develop relationships that yield? How do you separate your community experience from how you make money? ROI?

Q8: In a flat world, there are still street hustlers, so how do we extract value after flattening?

Discuss. 🙂

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