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About Lyell E. Petersen / 93octane

“Lyell Petersen is 93octane, an entrepreneur, e-business consultant and leisure travel industry professional. He is also a staunch proponent of the need to develop and manage personal online brands and an avid social media experimenter. 93octane shows up everyday to test the strategies, tools, communities, cultures and ‘rules’ of social media; he’s a reminder that real people and personalities are behind ‘social media.’” – From Taylor Davidson’s “ Entrepreneurial Portrait” Series (

Current Gig:
Director, Internet Marketing, WMPH Vacations — home of,,, and

Recent Prior Gig:
Web Marketing and Development Manager at

Principal/Cofounder, 93octane Corporation, Strategic Web Development and eBusiness Consultancy

Contact Lyell E. Petersen:
Email: lyell !at! 93octane !dot! com

93octane on the web:

Hourly Updates | @93octane on Twitter –
Professional Connections | Lyell E. Petersen on LinkedIn –
Personal Connections | Lyell E. Petersen on Facebook –
Complete Content Feed | 93octane’s friendfeed –

Professional Content | 93octane’s Posterous –

Professional Blog | amplifier: Conversation, Louder –
Personal Blog | 93octane’s WordPress –

Bookmarks | 93octane’s Delicious –

Photos | 93octane’s Flickr –

Culture & Music:
93octane’s –
93octane’s Pandora – ttp://
Engine No. 9 Posterous –
Engine No. 9 Blog –

Lyell E. Petersen on Plaxo –
Humor Blog | Inanity , Mister –

2 Comments leave one →
  1. September 3, 2008 2:27 pm

    Hi – I started following you on twitter while tracking #Gustav. I’m pretty new to Charlotte. Is the Ballantyne lunch today open to the public?

    Thanks, Ernie

  2. November 9, 2010 1:13 pm

    see you at the Geek Fest 11ish! It is Chic to be Geek!

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